Train, Race, Analyze, Repeat

From the HYROX community, for the HYROX community.

We are passionate HYROX athletes and data nerds. We love to analyze races in order to optimize our training and prepare for our next HYROX event. We thrive to push the limits and want to help athletes and coaches get the most out of their training. HYRESULT is completely free of charge.


We just started HYRESULT and want to provide the most valuable service and features to the HYROX community. We are always looking for new ideas and feedback. If you have any idea to improve HYRESULT, contact us at any time via Instagram @hyresult or use the messaging option on the top right. We are looking forward to your feedback!


HYRESULT was built and shaped with invaluable feedback from a couple of amazing HYROX enthusiasts. Shoutout to the people who made significant contributions to HYRESULT. Thank you so much!